Adobe CS6 Now Shipping

on Monday, 23 April 2012. Posted in May 2012

The best CS yet!

It's here the day we've ALL been waiting for.

Well I have.

I'm sooo looking forward to working with the new tools in CS6. Here's my Fav's...

For me the direction (for Premiere in particular but also for the whole suite) it is so nice to see that Adobe is realizing that professionals are indeed using their products. As an Avid editor (mostly 'former') I was used to a combination of keystrokes and mousing, and I continue with that mindset. Adobe realizes this and has focused their attention to these types of things.  

One of my favorite updates is bringing the media 'closer' and making it more personal within the editing environment. Rhythm is so, so important when editing and by removing the 'chrome', as they referred to it, will really help keep you in the zone.

I'm also digging the updated audio, especially the meters, and multiple channel meters. Plus the amalgamation of the mono and stereo tracks is a godsend. Thanks Adobe!

Another favorite is allowing the user to truly get a full screen playback. Avid has had this feature for a number of years and I'm surprised it took Adobe this long to get there, but they are here nonetheless. I use a double monitor so I have my video as large as I can get it already which is good, but when showing your clients what's what it's super nice to remive the 'chrome' and just see picture.

Get CS6 now!

And if you are already a premiere user they are offering an upgrade path but they point out CS upgrades available only on

There's a ton of other stuff but these few things alone are my favs within Premiere.

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